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Pet Insurance

Pet owners have long debated whether or not they should take out Pet Insurance.

It is well accepted that medical insurance for ourselves can be a very sound purchase in order to alleviate the stress of unexpected expenses. Your pet's health is no different and at ExcelVets of Robina, we recommend you take out pet insurance. Please note that our Vet Clinnic has NO affiliation with any Pet Insurance provider.

In summary, Pet Insurance allows you to keep your pet longer by providing the best care you can.

 Why Choose Pet Insurance

  • Better Pet Care - With Pet Insurance you will be more likely to give your pet that extra care he or she deserves in order to provide the best possible conditions throughout their life. 
  • Preventative Care- Pets need preventative maintenance from time to time, just like we do. Pet Insurance will help cover these costs. These treatments can include:
    • Yearly checkup
    • Dental checks
    • Blood tests
    • Yearly vaccinations
  • Chronic Illness - Your pet may be unfortunate and develop a chronic condition such as cancer or diabetes. This can happen to your pet just the same as it can happen to us. With proper care, it is quite common for a pet to survive many years with such condition. Pet Insurance provides an avenue to comfortably handle this situation
  • Budgeting - Pet Insurance avoids unexpected major costs for your pet and allows for superior budget control
  • Peace Of Mind - Never underestimate the importance of peace of mind, knowing that you will have matters under control if unexpected circumstances arise

 Which Provider

Pet Insurance providers will vary in price and coverage, just the same as our own health insurance providers. The following factors should be considered when choosing a Pet Insurance provider:

  • Are all pet species covered eg Do they include birds
  • Is there a minimum or maximum age for coverage
  • Look at sliding scale of charges as a pet ages
  • What if your pet has an existing condition
  • Annual or monthly premiums may be important to you for your cash flow or budgeting
  • Is there an annual excess
  • Is there a time limit on a condition - both before and after insurance takes affect
  • Is there a financial limit on a single condition
  • Is there a financial limit on ALL conditions
  • Is coverage flexible to suit you
  • Is the company well established and known within the Pet Insurance industry
  • Do they quote online
  • Any recommendation/s from family, friends or co-workers

 Links to Pet Insurance Providers

NB - Once again, ExcelVets has no affiliation with any Pet Insurance Provider. The following links are given to assist in your decision making. The list is by no means exhaustive: