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Fleas & Flea Control

Fleas can make your pet feel absolutely miserable. Imagine how you would feel if you were being bitten constantly by a blood sucking parasite - it would be extremely uncomfortable.

Our warm Queensland conditions and climate unfortunately also mean that your pet is exposed to fleas, just about anywhere and everywhere - whether it be on walks to the beach or to the park, in your backyard or inside your home.

Fleas Life Cycle 

One flea can produce up to 50 eggs per day. These eggs fall off into the environment and develop into adult fleas 14 days to 6 months later, depending on the environmental conditions and temperature. So even a few fleas can develop into a major infestation. That's why it is crucial for your pet to be on a strict flea control routine.

Flea bites are painful to pets, and flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is the most common skin disease in dogs and cats.

FAD or flea bite hypersensitivity is a hypersensitive reaction to the bite of the flea. When a flea bites a dog or cat (or human), it injects a small amount of saliva into the skin. It is this saliva to which the patient develops an allergy. Even one flea bite can cause intense itching and irritation.

Consequently it can occur even when no fleas or flea dirt are found. A severe flea infestation, where lots of fleas or flea dirt are found, can cause the same signs in non-allergic patients. Even though FAD is most commonly seen in the summer months when fleas are more prevalent, it can occur in winter, because even low numbers of fleas can cause a reaction.


Signs of flea bite dermatitis include:

  • Scratching, biting or licking constantly
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Hair loss
  • skin sores, crustiness and associated infections
  • Thickened, greasy and pigmented skin
  • Strange odour


Dogs typically become attacked on their back, just above the tail, the back and insides of their hind legs, their belly and around the anus. This leads to scabs, hair loss, thickening and increased pigmentation of the skin and scaling, and eventually to weepy skin and sores.


Cats are affected slightly differently to dogs. Some cats develop small scabs over their back, or in severe cases over their whole body called ‘miliary dermatitis’, while others lick until they develop bald patches especially on their belly and the back of their hind legs.


Conditions other than flea bites may cause similar signs, so we may recommend tests to confirm the diagnosis, especially when there is no evidence of fleas.

This condition is not life threatening but is not curable.  In the short term, hypersensitive pets who have been exposed to fleas and are suffering from FAD need medication to relieve the itching, stop them scratching and give their skin a chance to heal. Some will also need antibiotics for infections that have developed in the damaged skin.

Minimise Flea Infestation

In the long term, all pets suffering flea bite hypersensitivity need to have their exposure to fleas minimised - constantly.

There are several excellent, easy to use products available for this that effectively kill adult and juvenile fleas both on your pet and in the environment. Where large environmental contamination with flea eggs exists, separate environmental treatments may be recommended.

Other pets in the household also need treatment constantly. Even though they are not affected (if they are not allergic), they do carry fleas which then can bite the affected pets.

What flea control preventatives are available?

At ExcelVets we carry a large range of flea control products at competitive prices.
For animals that are swimmers there are tablets available. There are top spot products for those that won't take tablets. If you would like to combine your flea control with your worming, or your flea and tick control, you can do that too. If your pet suddenly develops a massive infestation of fleas and you need a fast acting knock down, we can assist you with a product that will achieve this as well.

We can design a flea control plan, tailor-made to specifically suit you and your pets requirements.